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Show Horses

We would like to Thank our clients for trusting in our training program.  

It's an honor to present these outstanding horses in 2024!

16x20 FIN 9959.jpg

Sundance LB Double Shot SA

2021 ASPC/AMHR Black Pinto Stallion

Sundance LB Black Rock SA (HOF)  x  Sundance LB Vetta Of Morocco


“Shooter” is a beautiful, typey stallion owned by Deb Sims-Boosalis. He has an amazing personality and a very showy attitude. He is one of the sweetest stallions I have met. He is eager to please and always gives it all in the show arena. Shooter is upright, with a great shoulder, short back and beautiful croup. He has tiny ears and a beautiful head.

Shooter has been a multiple Grand and Supreme halter Champion at the local level and made his debut at AMHR Nationals in 2023, bringing home Reserve National Champion Model Stallion, Top Ten (3rd) in Open Halter  and a Top Ten (4th) in Multi Color Stallion.

Owned By Deb Sims-Boosalis

8x10 FIN  7266.jpg

Cherryville Majic's Houdini

2015 ASPC/AMHR Black Pinto Stallion

Rhapsodys Majestic Reign (HOF)  x  Chism Hill Hocus Pocus

Houdini is a beautiful stallion with refinement, character, and a striking appearance. He has a gorgeous head with tiny ears, big eyes, smooth body, and movement to complete the package.


“Houdini” will be shown in AMHR Over Stock Halter and Driving. ​

Owned by Robin Willeman

8x10 FIN 0376.jpg

Sundance LB Southern Gentleman

2015 ASPC/AMHR Bay Pinto Gelding

Sundance LB Some Kinda Appeal  x  Sundance LB Mor-Finesse

“Gentleman” has a long show career as a younger stallion. He has garnered many titles in his halter career and is now a beginning performance horse. He was gelded this year and has really excelled in his job as a driving horse. He is still green and needs more miles to build his confidence, but he has a great work ethic and will continue to build the confidence needed to be a super competitive driving horse.


Showing in AMHR Over Stock Haler Gelding and Western Country Pleasure


Owned by Robin Willeman

8x10 FIN 5152.jpg

THR Shine's Roll'n Coal

2020 ASPC/AMHR Black Gelding

Shine ON O.K. (HOF)  x  Jazz A Ma Tazz (HOF - Western Country Pleasure Driving)

THR Shine’s Roll’n Coal is the spitting image of his sire. “Diesel” is a beautiful athletic gelding that gets better and better each year. He has garnered many champion and grand champion titles at the local level and has just begun his driving career. He has a gorgeous upright carriage and a wonderful mind. We are very excited to continue to watch this boy develop.


He is being offered for sale.

Co-owned by Jennifer Brown-Ostler and Syndi Kanzler

8x10 FIN 0809.jpg

Equitot Shining Spirit

2021 NSPPR Buckskin Pinto Gelding

Shine ON O.K. (HOF) Equitots Espire De Jolie

“Buck” as he is so affectionately called by his owner Randy Renner, is a beautiful gelding. He is smooth bodied and has excellent conformation. His personality is perfect for being an NSPPR pony. He is sweet and outgoing. Loves people and enjoys being groomed and loved on. He is playful, but very respectful. He has proven himself in the show arena as a 2 year old, garnering multiple champion and grand champion titles, with limited showing.  We are very excited to watch “Buck” as he enters the performance arena in the coming years.


“Buck” will be shown in NSPPR Halter and Performance

Owned by Randy Renner

8x10 0691.jpg

Sundance LB Legally Blonde

2021 ASPC/AMHR Sorrel Mare

Sundance LB Kruggerrand SA  x  Sundance LB On A Holiday

“Blondie” is a beautiful mare with a wonderful personality. She has proven herself in the Stock division, garnering multiple grand champion titles as well as a Supreme title at the local level. She will continue her winning ways in 2024. Watch for her in the halter and performance division.


“Blondie” will show in AMHR Over Stock halter and driving.


Owned by Tracey Osborn

8x10 FIN 2124.jpg

Equitot's Elegant Reflection

2023 ASPC/AMHR Buckskin Filly

McCarthy's Heir Of Elegance (HOF)  x  Equitot's Espire De Jolie

Beautiful buckskin filly with a smooth body, short back and beautiful head. This young mare will be an outstanding halter horse. She has a beautiful way of going and excellent conformation. 


“Reggie” will be shown in over yearling mare. 


Owned by Kate Sherry, Equitot, Inc

8x10 FIN 5944.jpg

Howell's Shine's Secret Keeper

2020 ASPC Bay Mare

Shine On O.K. (HOF)  x  The Secret's Out

“Keeper” is a fabulous Modern Pleasure mare. She has been successfully shown in halter, trained and presented by Tru Vision Shetlands, as a junior mare. She came to THR Training Centre in 2023 to be trained to drive. This mare was a dream come true for training. With her willing attitude and go forward carriage. She took to the harness like a pro. Her first year out was exciting and she proved herself as a competitive Modern Pleasure Country horse, unshod. With more time, miles and light shoes, she could excel in the Pleasure division.


“Keeper” will be shown in ASPC Modern Pleasure halter and Modern Pleasure Country.


Owned by Masako Evans

8x10 FIN 0216.jpg

Summerwell Prince's Special Spice

2022 ASPC/AMHR Buckskin Mare

Marystown Prince Charming  x  Summerwell Pretty's Spice Of Life

“Sophie” is an exquisite little mare. She is well balanced and has a showy attitude. She has excelled in the open halter division as a yearling, but she really showed where she belonged at AMHR Nationals, bringing home Reserve National Champion in Stock Halter Mare Over. This mare is going back out in 2024 and we are very excited for her future.


“Sophie” will be shown in Over Stock Halter mare.


Owned by Kate Sherry, Equitot, Inc

8x10 FIN 1062.jpg

Potlatch Farm Shine Between Twilight

2020 ASPC/AMHR Bay Mare 

Dam: Comferts Liza Jane (HOF-Halter)

AMHR National Champion Single Pleasure Driving, Reserve National Champion Ladies Pleasure Driving & Multiple National Top Tens in Single Pleasure Driving & Halter 

Potlatch Farm Shine Between Twilight is an exceptional young mare that again is the perfect cross of Shine and Liza Jane. She has not only proven herself in the halter division, bringing home many Championship titles at the local level, as well as placing National Champion Single Pleasure, Reserve National Champion and multiple Top Ten at the 2023 AMHR Nationals.


Co-Owned by Jennifer Brown Ostler and Syndi Kanzler.

8x10 FIN 5006.jpg

THR Shine's Envious Pleasure

2017 AMHR/ASPC Black Pinto Mare

Dam: SMHC’s Getting Carried Away (HOF)


Multiple Champion Halter Mare

Multiple National Top Ten in Country Pleasure and Carriage Driving

THR Shine’s Envious Pleasure has been a force to be recon with in the Country Pleasure and Carriage Division. She has garnered multiple Stakes wins at the local level and has placed consistently in the Top Ten at Nationals. Her career has just begun and we look forward to many more years with this talented mare.


Co-owned by Kate Sherry, Equitot, Inc. and Syndi Kanzler

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