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Our Geldings

The geldings of Triple Heart Ranch are the very best of the best.  We believe in the geldings and we believe the industry could not survive without them.  As a breed we need to realize the geldings are what keep this industry alive and healthy.  Here at THR, we honor our geldings as a vital part of the industry for both their versatility and their importance of keeping this industry healthy.  

Bonde's Boucin B Princes Jester

2017 AMHR Chestnut Gelding

Marystown Prince Charming  x  Bones Boucin B Pyros Scarlet Fire

Jester 1.jpg

“Jester” is proudly owned by Alison Friesz- Steward and is the first miniature horse she has ever owned.  “Jester” is a perfect example of what the gelding is worth in our industry.  He has taught his owner so much about showing and what an asset he is to the breed.  He has excellent conformation and an extremely smooth body, upright neck and nice balanced movement.  While all these attributes are what we look for in a stallion, the decision to gelding this boy was perfect.  He will now be a wonderful all around horse for his owner and is well loved by the entire family.  Watch for Jester to come out it 2021 in driving. 

Cherryville Magic's Dior

2019 AMHR/ASPC Bay Gelding

Rhapsody'sMajestic Reign  x  Cherryville Rios Sangrita

Showing in AMHR 2 Year Old Gelding Under, Amateur and Youth

Owned by Alison Friesz Steward and Bella Steward

Bella Mystic.JPG
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